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The Dish Delish

Icons por Joooo!

The Dish Delish'
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I make a lot of icons and rather than have them "clutter" up my personal journal
(deliciouspear I thought I'd post them here.)

If you want fic (mostly smut) go to (finished) pear_fic or (works in progress) wordsofpear.

I will now sing you my livejournal icon song and you will be OVERWHELMED with the CUTE:

"Millions of icons!
Icons for free!
Millions of icons!
Icons for Thee!"

Feel free to take anything that strikes your fancy. You don't have to ask permission for anything, but it'd be nice if you told me which you were taking so I could see what was "popular."

Often I post the blanks to things, because I don't care if anyone wants to add other text or whathaveyou to anything. If the blank isn't posted and you'd like it, just ask me for it.

I also take requests. Just email me or post comment somewhere.
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